Bringing home…. Ham!

01.12.15 Award Wins

Every year, for the past 5 years the Australian Pork Corporation hosts a ham awards for the celebration of ham week. This organisation is the leading lobby body for the Australian government, helping to make changes within the Australian pork industry. To promote the use of Australian pork, the awards are exclusive to those who use Australian pork. Last year, there was a total of 123 entries, ranging from mass producers, to local smokehouses like us, this year the support of the awards continues to grow with 140 entries. In the judging process, three judges (2 chefs, and 1 smallgoods master) critique based on a lengthy criteria with considerations such as colour, aroma, flavour, texture, dryness/moisture, size, etc.

The top ranking national title is known as the Artisan award which demonstrates the most artisan ham, describing a process that is traditional and uses old methods. This is a second year victory for us, as we also won the artisan award for last year, which has never been won by the same business twice. In the awards this year our ham was scored in the high 90’s and this year our Double Smoked Bone-In Ham, was the champion. To be a winner is simply to have the crown and recognition in the industry of making a supreme product.

It is the second year in a row for Sunshine Meats to win this supreme award. For more information about our ham check below. Or to order your Christmas ham from us shop now!

For more information about Aussie pork, where to buy it or about the Australian Pork Corporation, check out their website.

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