Angus Scotch Fillet


  • Product Description
  • Scotch Fillet is considered one of the most tender and flavoursome cuts of meat. Our Angus-certified, MSA graded, Scotch Fillet is available in whole pieces of 2.5-3.5kg, or in packets of two steaks, ranging from 400-600 per packet.

    Angus Scotch Fillet Whole 2.5-3.5kg = $49.50 / kg

    Angus Scotch Steaks 400-600g = $53.00 / kg

  • Fresh Meat Weight
  • This product varies in weight and the price quoted is per kilogram. You will be charged the heaviest weight quoted, but when we pack your order we will refund you any difference between the weight paid and the actual weight of the product.