Farm to Fork

At Sunshine Meats, we source the best quality ingredients to make our products. All our fresh meat is Australian produce and grown as local as possible to our manufacturing premises in Milperra. Our duck range is made by Smoking Duck, for more information visit the website.

Step 1 – Farm

Chicken: Our chickens are fed with the best quality, high protein feed and are able to roam free with unlimited access to food and water. Our chickens are primarily grown in Tamworth, Gunnedah and Thomastown. Some of our chicken producers grow to the RSPCA guidelines. For more information see:,

Duck: All our duck products are made by Smoking Duck, which sources ducks from Pepe’s Ducks. Their ducks are grown in Windsor, on Sydney’s outskirts. They roam free and are fed high energy and protein feeds with Pepe’s controlling the process from breeding to growing to dispatch. Pepe’s adheres to a strong Animal Welfare policy, audited internally and externally. For more information see:

Pork: We use outdoor bred free range pork to create some of our specialty lines. We use Bundawarrah Pork, located in Ganowela. Bundawarrah’s process involves each sow giving birth in an open paddock and specially designed individual huts for comfort and safety. Once weaned from their mothers, they are placed in a paddock protected with a straw based Ecoshelter. For more information see:

Step 2 – Receival

When receiving our raw materials, Sunshine Meats staff, inspect all deliveries to ensure the highest-quality standard as specified by our HACCP accreditation. This helps to maintain consistency, food safety and overall quality for our finished product. All raw materials are immediately stored in temperature monitored coolrooms to be processed on the same or following day. We keep traceability of all deliveries in the unlikely event that there is an issue with input stock.

Step 3 – Artisan Quality

The smallgoods makers at Sunshine Meats work their magic, hand-forming our signature products and blending spices in the traditional way to achieve the best flavour. Our products are largely made from whole muscle pieces, as opposed to minced processing, which keeps the integrity and texture intact. Our quality assurance staff keep a very tight control on our processes and daily changing conditions, with random batch samples analysed for quality, consistency, flavour and health standards. Every ingredient that goes into our products, from the fresh meat to our aromatic spices, is controlled by our QA staff.

Step 4 – Cooking

After being individually hand-formed and spiced, our artisan charcuterie products undergo a smoking process to fully cook our products, ready for your enjoyment. Our smokehouses are German engineered and fully programmed to cook the meat slowly, to make it plump and succulent. In the cooking process, the oven works to steam, dry and then smoke the products in repetitive cycles. For this reason, all our products – including leaner meats such as turkey – remain moist and don’t dry out. We use only natural Australian beech woodchips to give our products a natural smoky flavour.

Step 5 – Packaging

To ensure we achieve the maximum shelf life possible, our products go through an in-depth packing process. After cooking, our products are placed in a blast chiller to cool temperatures to NSW Food Authority standards. They are then packed in heavy-duty bags that are vacuum sealed to remove any oxygen and to stop the growth of bacteria. The packed products are dipped in a steriliser also eliminating any other bacteria on the packaging surface or between the product and the packaging. Our quality assurance staff provide in-depth information on our labels in accordance with the FSANZ requirements and also keep traceability on our packaged product through to dispatch.

Step 6 – Training and Dispatch

The final steps of our process are the dispatch channels and training of our staff to ensure the product leaves our control in optimal condition. All our staff members receive thorough product training, including processing procedures, product handling and storage. Product tasting is also undertaken. We work with independent food distributors to get our products to retailers across the country. For information about your nearest retailer visit our Stockists. For wholesale enquiries call us on 02 9774 5543 or email We are the exclusive sellers of Smoking Duck.

farm to fork

Step 7 – Fork

Our products can be found on the menus of countless restaurants and cafes, from fine-dining establishments to local eateries. Chef Serge Dansereau has been using our products for many years at the Bathers Pavilion, and we also supply the Qantas first and business class lounges in their domestic and international areas. Our products can also be found at gourmet food stores and delis across the country and we encourage our customers to take Sunshine Meats into their homes. Our products are versatile and can be used in various recipes or eaten on their own. Be sure to let us know your beautiful family recipes!