Moroccan Beef


  • Product Description
  • Whole beef topside lightly flavoured and sprinkled with fragrant Moroccan inspired spices. Double smoked using natural wood chips and handcrafted. It’s the perfect addition to any dish including a panini, salad or pasta. This product is ready to eat and can be enjoyed as is or lightly reheated. This is a handmade product using Australia’s best quality ingredients.

    This product is only available wholesale, please call us on 02 9774 5543 or email us to enquire.

    Ingredients: Australian beef (93.7%), water, salt, mineral salts (450, 451, 452), dextrose, antioxidant (316), preservative (250), canola oil, sugar, flavour (Maple), colour (150c) spices, flavour enhancer (621), chicken booster (salt, rice flour, flavour enhancer (635), yeast extract, dehydrated vegetables, acidity regulator (330)), paprika, black pepper, cloves, cumin. 

    Storage: Keep refrigerated <4°C. Once the seal is broken, remove the product from plastic and keep wrapped in a paper towel. Change paper towel every 3 days. Must be consumed within 10 days.  If the product is sliced or diced, keep the product in a clean, dry container lined with a paper towel. Must be consumed within 7 days.

    Freezing: Not suitable for home freezing. 


    $33.00 / kg

    All our products are handmade, therefore there may be a slight weight variance. We will seek to compensate if this occurs.