Week of Tastes raising next generation of foodies

09.11.15 Events

August 5th, Celina spent a day with the students of Padstow Park Public School as part of a new Week of Tastes program.

The program is designed to educate children at an early age about different food groups. It encourages the children to try new foods and addresses many issues prevalent with Australia’s youth as a result of poor food choices such as obesity.

Sunshine Meats was approached by the program to speak with the students and educate them about our processes and the importance of choosing healthy smallgoods.

During her day at the school, Celina gave the students a background into the history of Sunshine Meats, explained the process and allowed them to engage their senses in a taste test. After showing the process in a short demonstration of how the raw product becomes the final cooked product, the children were given the opportunity to try and give feedback on what they thought about the sausages.

They were very insightful and were eager to also show what they had learned during their Week of Taste sessions.

For more information about the Week of Tastes program, visit their website.