Chicken and Chive Sausages

Chicken and Chive Sausages

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Product Information

product description

Gluten free sausages made using minced chicken thigh meat. Lightly spiced and filled into a natural casing before being steam-cooked to seal in its flavour and freshness. Makes BBQ’s quick and ready, only a quick toss needed to give colour and heat, which further emphasises the flavours. It’s the perfect addition to any dish including a pasta, in a roll or for a BBQ. This product is ready cooked however, need to be recooked. This product is made using Australia’s best quality ingredients.


Chicken meat (88.1%), spices extract, salt water, garlic, mineral salt (450, 452).

reheating instructions

Cut sausage links before cooking.

Cook sausages quickly over a medium heat.

Turn sausages regularly to ensure they are cooked evenly and do not burn.

product storage

Keep refrigerated <4°C.

Once seal is broken, remove product from plastic and keep in a clean, dry container lined with paper towel. Must be consumed within 7 days.

freezing guidelines

Suitable for home freezing.

Freeze product as soon as possible after purchase. Must be frozen before used by date as shown on package. Can be frozen for a maximum of 2 months.

To defrost, allow product to thaw in the refrigerator.