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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are pick-up orders collected from?
If you have placed an order for pick-up, it can be collected from our warehouse and flagship deli/cafe at 360 Horsley Rd Milperra NSW 2214. Pick-ups can be made Monday - Friday, 8am-3pm.
What is our delivery range?
As part of our commitment to providing the highest quality smallgoods, our products must be refrigerated at all times, including during delivery. Currently we deliver only within Sydney metro and Greater Sydney and some close regional areas. Alternatively you can place an order for pick-up from our Milperra store.
How are our products delivered?
As our products need constant refrigeration, your order will be delivered by one of our highly experienced and professional delivery drivers in a Sunshine Meats refrigerated van.
When will you receive your order?
Once you place your order, a friendly member of our customer service team will be in touch to confirm your order details and arrange a convenient day for your order to be delivered, taking into account product availability and delivery runs.
Do our products need to be cooked?
Excluding fresh meat, all of our Sunshine Meats branded smallgoods are smoked or oven roasted and are ready to eat. For some products such as bacon and chorizo, we recommended lightly reheating to enhance the flavour of the product.
Do our products contain gluten?
As part of our HACCP program, we are very cautious about allergens that may exist in our products. We do not add any gluten or gluten-based ingredients to our products, however our spices are manufactured in facilities that may also process gluten-based ingredients.
What is the shelf life of packed product?
All our products should be stored below 4°C at all times. We recommend keeping the product vacuum sealed until you intend to consume it, as this will ensure the product lasts until its expiry date printed on the product label. Most of our products carry a 65-day shelf life from pack date. The exception is sliced product (7-10 days shelf life when stored correctly), nitrite free products such as sausages and whole butterfly chickens (30 days shelf life) and whole butterfly ducks (45 days shelf life).
Once opened, what is the best way to store our products?
The biggest misconception when storing smallgoods is that keeping them in plastic will prevent them from drying out. However this actually causes the product to sweat, and therefore spoil faster. The general rule of thumb is to keep the product dry by wrapping it in paper towel and changing that paper towel every day or two. Sliced product can be kept in an airtight plastic container lined with paper towel. For more product specific info, refer to the individual product pages.
What states carry Sunshine Meats products?
We are based in Sydney, and you’ll find our products throughout greater Sydney and also in some rural towns. We also have distributors in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland.
Where can you find Sunshine Meats products in your area?
You will find our products in most independent delis across greater Sydney, and selected stores in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. Please refer to our stockists’ page for a list organised by suburb. You can also ask your local deli for Sunshine Meats products by name, and they will be able to source them from their distributor.
Which distributors carry our range?
You can find a full list of distributors on our wholesale enquiries page. We have distributors across greater Sydney and interstate in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland.
How to set up a wholesale account?
Head over to our wholesale enquiries page, complete the form and one of our friendly customer service team members will respond within 2-3 business days.
Are our products Halal?
Sunshine Meats does not hold Halal Certification, and therefore our processes are not Halal. However, the suppliers of our chicken, turkey, duck and beef are all Halal-certified.
Where does our meat come from?
We are proud to use all Australian meat and poultry suppliers and support Australian farmers and producers. Our pork comes from central Queensland and southern Victoria. 
Our chicken comes from Victoria and our turkey from NSW. 
Our beef comes from NSW. 
Our duck comes from greater Sydney.

Christmas Frequently Asked Questions

Do we use Australian Pork?
We are proud to use all Australian pork suppliers and support Australian farmers and producers. Any boneless pork products that we make arrive to us on the bone, and is deboned in-house by our team of qualified butchers.
How long are our hams smoked for?
Our hams are double smoked over Australian Beechwood for 12 hours. We do not use any liquid smoke or smoke flavouring in our hams, for a well-balanced and light smoky flavour.
What is the shelf life of our hams sealed?
Our hams are sold vacuum sealed and if stored below 4°C will last until the expiry date on the packaging (65 days from the date of packing). Generally hams produced for Christmas will have an expiry date well into January and possibly even February of the following year.
How much wastage does a bone-in ham usually have?
The skin, hock and internal bone can weigh up to 1.5kg for a hock-end half ham, or 2.5kg for a full ham.
Where does our pork come from?
We work closely with the industry’s best suppliers to source the best quality pork, which mostly comes from central Queensland and southern Victoria. We also work closely with the team at Valenca Free Range Pork, in country Victoria, to produce our free range hams at Christmas. You can find more info about Valenca on their website.
Hosting Christmas? How much should you cater for?
Because we all love to eat at Christmas, generally we allow 250-350g of meat per person between ham, turkey and any other proteins you may be serving. Sides and accompaniments are in addition. When selecting your ham, take into consideration that the rind, hock and internal bone can weigh up to 1.5kg for a hock-end half ham, or 2.5kg for a full ham.
What is the shelf life and best storage of your ham once open?
Once you’ve opened your Christmas ham, we recommend storing any leftovers (is there such a thing at Christmas?!) in the fridge in a ham bag. Our ham bags are available for purchase at $5 each and are printed with care instructions for your ham. 

You can also use any cloth bag or a clean tea towel in the following way: 
 -Wash bag or towel in a 50/50 vinegar and water solution and allow to dry. 
 -Dry the bag or towel completely as moisture will promote bacteria growth. 
 -Once dry wrap towel around ham or place the ham in the bag and keep refrigerated. 

Repeat this process every 3 days and your ham will last 14-18 days.
Bone-in vs Boneless ham? What's the difference?
In short, both hams are maple-infused and double smoked. The difference often comes down to sizing and the look of the ham.

A bone-in ham is a traditional Christmas ham. These hams average about 8-9kg. They're great for glazing and even dressing with ribbon to make a festive lunch or dinner centrepiece. Customers like that they can hold onto the hock while carving, and pea and ham soup lovers also often opt for the bone-in ham or a hock end half ham (average 4-5kg), so they can keep the hock for later use. The hock, bone and skin will account for about 1.5-2kg of a whole or half bone-in ham.

A boneless ham has been completely deboned and shaped with netting to create an oval-shaped ham that sits flat when presented. These hams average about 6-7kg for a whole and 3-4kg for a half. They also can be glazed but the boneless style makes it easier to carve and there's no wastage from any bones - you only lose the weight of the skin. This ham is favoured by younger families perhaps hosting their first Christmas, who don't want a hock or bones to contend with.

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