Sunshine Chicken Rashers™

Sunshine Chicken Rashers™

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Product Information

product description

Combines lightly spiced chicken thigh and breast meat, hand-pressed into a mould and double smoked using natural woodchips. Our chicken rashers are made to be used as bacon, offering a non-pork alternative.

Chicken meat is naturally very lean and high in protein; perfect for the health conscious. It’s the perfect addition to any dish including a pasta or in a burger.

This is a handmade product using Australia’s best quality ingredients. This product must be cooked.


Chicken meat (94%), salt water, mineral salt (450, 452), flavour enhancer (621), garlic, mixed spices, sodium nitrite (250).

Allergens: Soybean.

reheating instructions

Our chicken rashers are fully cooked however, we recommend reheating as they are designed to be used as bacon.

To reheat simply pan fry or cook on BBQ until brown and crispy.

Do not over cook or the rashers will become dry.

product storage

Keep refrigerated <4°C.

Once seal is broken, remove product from plastic and keep wrapped in paper towel. Change paper towel every 3 days. Must be consumed within 1 week.

If the product is sliced or diced, keep the product in a clean, dry container lined with paper towel. Must be consumed within 3 days.

freezing guidelines

Not suitable for home freezing.