Veal Rump


Both our yearling rump and premium lean rump are such versatile MSA graded meat cuts. Rump can be roasted whole or cut into thin or thicker steaks for grilling. It also is the preferred choice for the traditional Portuguese espetada (diced, skewered and salted, and cooked over an open flame).

Our yearling rump is available whole, ranging from 5-6kg, with yearling rump steaks sold individually and ranging from 0.8-1kg.

Our premium rump averages 2.2-2.6kg and is sold in whole pieces only.   

This product varies in weight and the price quoted is per kilogram. You will be charged the heaviest weight quoted, but when we pack your order we will refund you any difference between the weight paid and the actual weight of the product.

Yearling Rump Whole 5-6kg = $22.00 / kg

Yearling Rump Steaks 0.7-1.0kg = $25.30 / kg

Veal Rump Premium Whole 2.2-2.6kg = $28.6 / kg